Better Butter 100ml CBD Salve

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Better Butter is our fine-tuned, fix-all topical salve. It is a blend of high-grade coconut oil, arnica, cannabis, and other beneficial herbal extracts. It is smooth to apply and absorbs well into the skin. It was our first product!
Topical full spectrum cannabis products can offer the wide scope of benefits from CBD, but also THC. Applied topically, the psychoactive THC qualities are not present.



Better Butter can be used to relieve symptoms or treat:

Skin: rash, discoloration.

Inflammation + pain: joint inflammation and stiffness, muscle soreness, arthritis, and post-athletic recovery.

As with most topical pain relievers, this salve hits its peak strength and effectiveness after 3 days when applied 2-4 times daily.

This product stores best in a cool location, as coconut oil has a low melting point. It can be stored in the fridge to re-solidify if necessary.


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